Monday, 8 November 2010

The wisdom of Fraser Nelson

Fraser Nelson talking about Conservatism, from a piece suggesting David Cameron is just too nice for his own good. What irony?

'People offer various definitions of right and left. Mine is that to be Conservative is to declare faith not in dogma, but in mankind. To have faith in the wisdom and genius of the British public, and believe that the best route to success is to em
power the many. The 'Big Society' idea - a powerful agenda, disguised by a criminally stupid name.

To be Labour is to be angry, angry about society: leftism starts with a list of Bad People who are to be kept in check. The Old Labour way is to believe that Britain is best if power (and about half the money people earn) is placed with an enlightened elite.

Conservatives want to take power away from government, and give it to the people, whom they trust.'