Monday, 15 November 2010

England remembers

To Datchet for remembrance and the weekly televised procession through Wootton Bassett has done it's work. St. Mary the virgin is full to bursting and the old regimental comrades keep us on the straight and narrow. Allen, Butler, Chisholm, Dent - a list of names so English you could hear the batsman cut through cover point. Eddington, Fry, Garnett, Hughes - a generation who gave their today that we could live in our tomorrow. Jenkins, Kettle, Lyttleton, Moore. What date I wonder did multiculturalism begin? And why did no-one tell them? Nicholson, Orpen, Rowley, Smith. A time it seems when diversity was not so essential to build a strong community. Turner, Unwin, Vickery, Wardle. The cream of English youth.