Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Nick Clegg at PMQ's

"Clegg retains the impossibly high moral tone he favored (on many subjects) during his years in opposition. Adhering to a logic that mortals struggle to grasp, with great impatience he insists (as though explaining it to children) that the new policy is somehow in keeping with the old. When it isn’t. It is difficult to see this approach having widespread appeal." writes Iain Martin about today's PMQ's performance from Nick Clegg.

I think he's about right on tone, but utterly wrong on policy.

The LibDems did not win the election. Their manifesto promises cannot therefore be implemented. Indeed the British people did not vote for them to be implemented.

Coalition government is about compromise and agreement. Not lofty ideological principles that are unbreakable. No matter what pledges were signed before the election, the LibDems lost the right to stick to them the moment the electorate voted for a hung parliament.

For Labour to suggest that the LibDems now have no principles is seriously disingenuous - indeed downright dishonest. It is also why a coalition with Labour was never possible. And I thought it was all about numbers...