Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Politeratti don't want photographs

Big story of the day for our Politeratti? Cameron employs personal photographer at number 10 using public funds. Oh dear.

So its OK to have diary secretaries, PR consultants, gatekeepers, speech-writers, media specialists and political advisers? But not a photographer. So no pictures then? No pictures for the constant stream of charities and third sector organisations visiting Downing Street who give back so much in building the 'big society'? No pictures for foreign ambassadors, emissaries, dignitaries and heads of state? No official photographic record of important moments inside number 10?

No real thought then for the little people as we watch - sans images - what goes on in our name at the heart of this administration. I think it was one of the Kennedy's who observed that a man's character was shown by how they looked after those people that they did not need...