Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Revolting placards

Having some fun at the expense of rioting students, Oli Holden-Rea has come up with the top ten placards for revolting students:

"If you’re going to spend your afternoon protesting, then you’ll want to make sure you draw attention to your cause – or at least appear on TV. Total Politics offers a run-down of some of the more creative ways students have put their education to good use in 'the top ten placards from the tuition fee protests':

1. I thought I was going to Alton Towers
2. I wish my boyfriend was as dirty as your policy
3. This s**t wouldn’t happen at Hogwarts
4. Hairdressing student against cuts
5. Kiss my arts
6. If I could afford higher tuition fees I’d buy a better banner
7. I went to university and all I could aford [sic] was this stupid sign
8. Is this the queue for Justin Bieber tickets?
9. Arts cuts are worse than this comic sans font
10. Angry Sign