Sunday, 9 September 2012

It's so New Labour..

Just watched the first episode of the new series, The thick of it: Coalition. What a disappointment.

For New Labour it was perfect. Always will be. That terrifying mix of delusion, bullying and deeply abusive language that so characterised New Labour's preferred model of informality they called 'sofa government'. The pervasive paranoia of FOI. The unbridled ego. The tirade of brutal verbal abuse. The widespread political deceit. The shear visceral hatred that drove policy formulation. And of course the frenetic dis-functionality of it all, nonchalantly dismissed as 'political spin' - the very essence of New Labour.

This is just not the Coalition. You can highlight the comical absurdity of so much political activity. You can laugh at the ridiculous characteristics of individual participants. But to be funny, it has to be honest. It has to be real. To me this just looks tired, dishonest and very laboured..