Thursday, 19 July 2012

Raphael Behr explains the sceptic position on Europe..

'We're sorry that you've made a right hash of everything. We did warn you. It's not really our problem, except when it impacts on our growth. So could you please sort it out. Follow policies of deeper integration, which we despise and would never pursue ourselves and then, when you've finished, could we please have a whole bunch of social policies back plus other yet-to-be named dispensations? Oh, and by the way, we'll veto your treaties unless you give us what we want. And did we add that we won't surrender any control over the terms of the single market. We must stay at the top table at all times. Hope that's ok.. '

Or he could have said that if you cared about the long term future of the millions now consigned to mass unemployment for the foreseeable future across southern Europe - in order to save the euro & the banks in the north - you would be following us..