Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Cranmer on the Intolerance of New Labour

Some choice words from Cranmer writing this morning:

New Labour was so intent on legislating for ‘equality’ and tolerance towards every intolerant minority that they were incapable of seeing that they simultaneously legislated for the intolerance of the tolerant Christian majority. The United Kingdom has become a nation in which Christianity is an ‘eccentricity’ practised by ‘oddities’ ...united in their opposition to the ascendant secular intolerance which renders ‘equality’ an infallible dogma and ‘rights’ an immutable article of faith.

Is it not ironic that this Pope comes to defend those very liberties which his forebears sought to deny us?

...but the old theme of Church and State will not be indulged, because it doesn’t fit into a Tweet.

Newman always placed conscience above Pope, which makes him a rather fitting subject for beatification in a relativist, egotist and materialist culture.

You don't have to agree with him to know the blogosphere's a better place with him back...