Saturday, 26 April 2014

The paucity of Labour..

“You don’t like me and you don’t trust my party. But there are enough of you who tribally hate the Conservatives, and are either always-Labour or once-Lib Dem. I’ve banked your votes. And the unfairness of the constituency boundaries gives me a huge advantage – thanks for vetoing that reform, Nick! All I need are a few tens of thousand extra voters, and I’ll win! How’s that for a Hampstead policy wonk?”
He doesn’t say this out loud. But it’s surely his strategy. Because his retail offers for those floating voters are eye-catching: cheaper gas bills, cheaper university fees, the renationalisation of the railways. Never mind that each of these policies is intellectual nonsense which, if implemented, would probably have the opposite impact to that intended. They are attention-grabbing and that might be enough..

Graeme Archer on Miliband's 'retail offer'