Friday, 17 August 2012

Not such a good idea..

Just seen a tweet from Deborah Mattinson on school playing fields -

'why not solve the playing field crisis by insisting private schools open up theirs to local state school kids?'

Where do you start.

Leaving aside the obviously difficult idea that 8% of schools (the private sector) could simply open up their sport facilities and solve the problem for the other 92%, just take a look at the most famous - Eton.

Eton probably have the finest sporting facilities in the country. But unfortunately, the three nearest schools - Windsor Boys, Slough Grammar and Churchmead School Datchet, all have good playing fields including all-weather pitches, tennis courts and gyms..

Then you have to ask how many state schools would find it easy to get their pupils (during a one hour games period remember) to private schools like Stowe, Charterhouse or Marlborough - each set up in their own extensive grounds, precisely to provide an environment away from the distractions of urban life.

I'm sure you get the idea..