Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Miliband fails to deliver...

There was a sense that the royal wedding was a Tory Party broadcast in fancy dress and the first act in what may yet be a new Conservative century writes Mary Riddell finally beginning to realise how much of a mistake was the election of nice Mr Miliband.

Labour's #Yes2AV leader campaigned with LibDems's Huhne & Cable for a 'progressive majority' in favour of AV - with the latter two making all the running. Funny that, because implicit in the referendum is the need for each party leader to galvanise and deliver their party on the right side of the argument.

Both Clegg and Cameron have done exactly that, each enthusiastically arguing their case and commanding the overwhelming support of their party both for and against respectively. So the need for Miliband to deliver his 40% of the electorate and decide the outcome was paramount.

If the #No2AV campaign wins on Thursday, it certainly won't be Clegg's fault.