Monday, 4 April 2011

Labour's promises to the next generation

My Labour party... enables people right across the country to get on and do better... which crucially improves the chances of the next generation says Ed Miliband in an interview with Evan Davis on Radio 4's Today program. He continues ...only 9 per cent of people in this country actually think the next generation will do better than the last.

What Ed Miliband needs to explain is why Labour spent 13 years building a vast array of public sector projects - hospitals, schools, roads and railways - on PFI? Labour calculated that those staggering sums - £155bn at the last count - could be repaid by the next generation. Long after Gordon Brown and his cronies have retired with gold-plated pensions to the House of Lords.

How exactly does burdening our children's generation with the bills of this one, promote improving the chances of the next generation?