Friday, 1 October 2010

Red Ed

Great piece in todays Sun newspaper on the Red Ed name going global:

"Ed Miliband was "Red Ed" round the globe yesterday as the world's media adopted The Sun's nickname for him.   But by last night it had gone global as TV presenters and journalists translated the phrase into their own language and used it to describe Red Ed's position in post-New Labour British politics. In France he was Ed Le Rouge, Der Rote Ed in Germany and Ed El Rojo in Spain. Italy's famous La Repubblica newspaper reported on the Labour conference under the headline: "Ed Il Rosso." Diario de Noticias in Portugal told how the Labour leader is "Ed vermelho". In Greece respected broadsheet Ta Nea had picked up the Kokkivou Evt - Red Ed - tag too. Even in Serbia, Blic newspaper reported "Crveni Ed" had disowned mentor Gordon Brown"