Wednesday, 19 May 2010


What a sense of relief as we enter the bold world of liberalConservatism. Thankfully consigning the forces of anger, hatred and deceit to the opposition benches. And with them, right on cue, an extraordinary piece from Simon Heffer in todays Telegraph. Apparently he doesn't want to be demonised as 'right wing'. Bless.

In that case Mr Heffer, it might be an idea to stop your weekly abuse of mainstream politicians with names like 'Lord Rumba of Rio', 'call me Dave' or 'boy George'. We expect such tribal hatred from Labour and the rabid right. Not the reasonable mainstream.

And whilst you and your fans from UKIP are thinking about it, may I congratulate you for depriving Cameron of those last 20 MP's in the recent election. Didn't get you a single seat in parliament, but it had the desired effect of bringing into the coalition the most Euro-enthusiastic party in British politics. Well done. Hope you enjoy the results.